Shipping process

The shipping cost from Thailand to the trans shipper is included in the price of the Betta fish. All fish need to go through a trans shipper as they already have a live animal import license.

Please note that we do not cover any handling fee and local shipping from the trans shipper to our customers address. Buyers must be pay the trans shipper directly in order to receive the betta fish in your country. (Picture for explanation is below)

DOA Policy & Guarantee

If dead on arrive (DOA), in the unlikely event occur that your new fish is DOA. Please take a clear picture of fish in the shipping bag and email the photo to us within 24 hours of receiving the fish.

We will replace the fish immediately, the buyer however does pay the shipping cost for replacement, alternatively we will offer a refund.

Refunds will NOT be provided in the event that the fish were left outside due to no-one receiving the fish or if the fish are left overnight at the postal office/courier warehouse.

Please note that we are not accountable for any damage to the fish tails, we do the best we can to put the fish at ease for its trip making sure we use almond leaf in the water however it will naturally be a bit stressful for the fish and occasionally they will chew their own tail, luckily this is a very rare occurrence and shouldn’t usually be an issue. We are also not accountable for the behaviour of the fish after you receive it, if they aren’t breeding, attack their partner or tank mates or generally fail to thrive after they arrive.

All fish will be checked to be healthy prior to shipping. Do note that shipping is stressful for the fish and aftercare is required once they arrive.

We strictly do not support impulse purchases of live animals. Please ensure all proper equipment and preparations are made prior to purchase of your Betta fish.