Multicolour Nemo Galaxy – Wholesale


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This gorgeous Multicolour Nemo Galaxy HMPK Betta (Betta splendens) is an amazing colouration HMPK (Halfmoon Plakat mix), this beautifully coloured Betta fish features the striking coloration combination of a variety of colours including reds, oranges, blues, purples and pinks. It also has the Galaxy sparkle that really helps give it a really striking appearance.

These beautiful multicoloured Nemo galaxy betta fish are one of our specialities, we’ve been breeding them for a long time focusing heavily on creating really good form and stunning colours. You will not be disappointed with your multi-colour Nemo galaxy HMPK.

When ordering wholesale, please feel free to specify whether you would like males or females or a mixture of both. After placing your order you can contact us directly to specify your preference.

We are able to offer this beautiful fish for wholesale orders as well. Minimum order is 30 fish.


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