Mahachai Green Betta


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The Mahachai Betta is a wild caught betta. The Mahachai Betta is one of the newest additions to the Betta world. Scientists don’t have as much information on these little fish as other fish, because they are still studying their behaviour, water conditions, and they still need to verify that it is in fact a Betta and not some other type of fish. Whatever they are we love them and have a great selection.

Unlike the Betta everyone is used to seeing, Betta Splendens, this little fish is found in a brackish swamp just about 20km, or a half hour drive, outside of Bangkok, Thailand and their habitat is shrinking all the time due to commercial developments. This little fish resembles two other bettas in behavior and in appearance, and those Bettas are Betta Smaragdina and Betta Imbellis. The males of this species is very dark, almost black and covered in metallic green or blue. The females are more brown with some of the metallic green 0r blue. The mature males almost always have red eyes and a spade-shaped tail. Both the male and female have a little red tint on their fins, it isn’t as bright as the regular betta everyone is used too. They grow to be one of the largest Splendens members, with slender and longer bodies than even the common betta. They reach a total of 2 inches when they are fully grown. Their body resembles more of a dolphin or orca than a common betta.

This is one of the most peaceful bettas with the males being able to live in the same aquarium with the occasional territorial dispute. They are extremely terrified of people and if you turn on the light in the room where they are held, they will be seen darting to a dark corner of the tank. Unlike the common betta, these little bettas can’t be kept in the tradional jar, which some people still use but shouldn’t. They will become totally stressed out and may even die due to it or not accept food because they feel threatened.


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