This category is for our most premium Betta Fish, we upload photos of our most beautiful, rare and unique Siamese fighting fish. Each of these fish is a one off and is only bought individually, and not available for wholesale. What you see will be the exact fish that you will receive in the mail.

Each of these very special little guys and girls all have a name, however we have had a word with them and apparently they are open to new names if you prefer 🙂

* Please note, while we make every effort to update the website as frequently as we can, our VIP bettas are very popular. Please contact us before purchasing just to make sure we still have that fish. If we don’t have that particular fish usually find one equally as magnificent 🙂

** we do also offer a fish sourcing service where if you are after a particular rare Betta variety or colouration we can usually find one for you. It’s best to email us on

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