How to recognize what type of Betta fish you have

Identify Betta fish chart

Betta fish are very popular pets due to their incredible appearance and that is why for the past few years they have been continuously bred with intelligent goals by the breeders in order to focus on certain features of these amazing fish. The targeted breeding has led to an extremely diverse set of amount of variation between each of these types, both in terms of the overall appearance and colours.

Many of the betta fish subspecies’ are now so diverse in their colours and also tail / fin types and the differences are so striking that an inexperienced person will often think that they belong to different species.

Their tails have a lot of varieties; some are straight and short while others are flowing and long. Their body patterns vary from single body pattern to multi-colored patterns. Colour variations are also its salient characteristics because they have been bred into almost all of the seven colours of a rainbow.

So how can you recognize your betta fish based on all these characteristics? Let’s find out!

First of all we have created an easy to look at couple of images as a visual aid to really help you get to grips with these but the details are also below in a bit more depth.

Types of tail:

Betta fish are easy to recognize based on the shape and size of their tail. They have all types of variations when it comes to their tail and some of them are given below.

Buy Crowntail Betta Fish OnlineCrown-tail betta:

If your fish has long, crown-like , almost crenellated and sharp appearance then it is probably a crown-tail betta. The male betta has tail and fins with very striking colors and the females have lighter shades and a shorter tail than the male.

Veil-tail betta

One of the most common tail types of betta fish is veil-tail. If you want to recognize it then look for a flowing, long and also downwards tail.

Buy Yellow Dragon Halfmoon PlakatPlakat betta fish

Unlike other types these particular bettas have round and short tails. Their fins are also shorter than other bettas.

Half Moon Betta FishHalf-moon betta

As the name suggests it has tail that is similar to the shape of half moon. It has a large tail that creates a circle similar to the shape of half-moon.

Delta tail

This has a very interesting tail shape. It normally widens towards the tip and narrows towards the body of the fish which gives it a triangular shape.


These are similar to crowntails but the only difference lies in the length of their webbing and rays. The webbing of comb-tails reaches more than 3-4 of the way up to their tail.

Double tail

These bettas possess two different tails which are spate from each other at the base. Another feature of double tail bettas is that they sometimes have larger dorsal fin.


Rose-tail is a variation of half-moon betta fish. They have excessive branching on the rays of their fins and that is why they look different from half-moon. This excessive branching causes overlapping on their fins which results in rose like appearance.

Super Delta betta FishSuper Delta

As the name suggests it is similar to delta type but when it is flared then it extends further. It can flare up to 160 degrees.



Dumbo Ear

It is also called elephant ear and it has an amazing aesthetics because of the fins.  It has large pectoral fins and that is why the fins looks like elephant ears. The color of the fins can either be like their body color or it can be different.


Feather-tail bettas have an extra ruffle appearance due to the excessive branching of the fin rays otherwise they look like rose-tail bettas.


This is basically a combo of both half-moon and crown-tail. Half-sun bettas can spread up to 180 degrees and they have crowing between their webbing and rays.

Recognition by colour

Recognition of betta fish on the basis of their colour is difficult as compared to their tail shape. Therefore they are mostly recognized by looking at their tail shapes. But here we have put together some bettas based on their colour in order to help you recognize your betta fish:


This particular type of betta fish lacks absolutely any type of coloration and it is completely white in color. It has whitish or complete white fins and pink eyes. Due to the white color their muscles and organs are visible from the outside. These are very difficult to find because they have very low survival chance.

Cellophane betta fish

These have radiant scales and through these scales it is sometimes possible to look at their muscles and other organs. They have solid black eyes with clear fins.

White betta fish

They have white fins and scale, in some species the scales may be more opaque. Their internal organs and muscles are not visible through the scales unlike the cellophane betta fish.

Black betta fish

Black bettas have pure deep black color. They are very easy to recognize but this variety is fertile therefore it is quite rare.

Melano black

These are pitch-black in color and have no shade other than black. These are very hard to find in market.

Betta Red Koi HM Halfmoon Male or Plakat Fighting Fish Splendens On Black Background.


These look like mini koi fish. They have a pattern of orange, red and white.

Thai flag

This is like American and Thai flag with white, red and blue shades on its body. This is a multi-color betta and it comes in a butterfly and marble pattern.

Black Orchid

It has a pitch-black color with only one other color on its fins. It will be either red or blue and it also has a red or blue half-circle on its inner tail.


If you turn on the light these bettas will appear shiny and radiant but in dark or dim light they will be brown or chocolate. They have metallic fins and scales.


Mustard bettas are very common and they look like multi-colored fish with a green or blue body and yellow fins. They somewhat look like the chocolate bettas but the only difference is that they lack brown pigmentation.


They have 2 or 3 different shades on their overall body. Each color will take ½ of their body. The color will not join each other and will cut off.


These bettas are freckled just like Dalmatian. The main body is normally white and the spots will either be black or red.


They have a marble like pattern reminiscent of a marble piece.  They have freckles of the same color all over the body.


They have equal amount of white and black shades. By looking at the fins you will realize that they have been painted with the two colors mixed together.


These bettas have a bald spot on their body. This colorless spot is normally present on their head and rest of the body is colored.


They have complete black face which looks like a black mask while the rest of the body will be mixture of different colors.


The face of this fish is metallic in color and the scales and fins are black in color.


It is a particular type of bi-color fish. Fins of this fish are deep red while rest of the body is skin tone. This is a hard to find color because of their survival issues


These bettas have a chocolate like coloring on their overall body. They have yellow-colored fins with black edges. This is not yet an official color but is growing in popularity.


It looks like a piece of jewelry due to its gold color. Although they are yellow in color but they also have a metallic tint on their bod to make them look like a golden statue.

So if you own bettas and you are facing difficulty in recognizing them just look at their tail shape and colors and compare with this list, you will find the answer!

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