How to order from Siam Betta Fish – Step by Step Guide

How to order from Siam Betta Fish – Step by Step Guide

One of the biggest questions we are always asked is, how exactly people buy a fish from us? Including receiving the fish in their home country, so with this in mind we have put together this Page as a resource for our customer’s, detailing the step-by-step process of how it all works.

How to order Betta fish from Thailand

Hopefully this makes it as transparent and straightforward as possible, we are experts at what we do and make the whole process very easy. For those people that are a bit more Image focused also created a nice diagram detailing the process.

    1. 1. Step one is a simple as you shop on our website and find a fish (or a few fish), that you hopefully fall in love with and want to buy!
    1. 2. Purchased the fish by following the easy-to-use shopping cart, payments are handled securely by Stripe payment system, we also offer PayPal for convenience so you can choose which ever you prefer. In an effort to make this process as transparent as possible when you order the shipping fees will be added (these are for both to your country and to the transhipper within Thailand).
    1. 3. After placing your order, we will send your face to the local Thai transhipper who then sends it to a transhipper in your country.
    1. 4. We send your contact details to the local transhipper in your home country, and they will contact you when your fish has arrived allowing you to organise delivery.

*FYI we use transhippers as they are licensed to ship and receive fish removing any chance that they get stuck in quarantine or rejected.
**There will be a fee for you to pay to the local transhipper for them to handle the fish additionally you will need to pay for the fish to be delivered to you or you can organise collection if you live locally to the transhipper. Please note we can send to any transhipper in your home country so if there’s one near your home then we are more than happy to send directly to them.

We have a number of transhippers we work with her a list of some and the fees for receiving and handling the fish. Note as mentioned we do not need to send to these transhippers they are just for your guidance and information. If you have a transhipper you would prefer to use them, we are more than happy to work with them for you.

Choosing a transhipper located near your address will help ensure your betta arrives at your destination address safely and more quickly.

For new buyers, you could contact transhipper to confirm arrival date and exact amount of transhipping fee.


Shipping Fees

Philippines $7
Malaysia $5
Singapore $7
China $8
UK $15
USA $15
Hong Kong $8
Cambodia $7
Vietnam $7
Canada $15
Italy $15
Poland $15
Switzerland $15
Japan $15
Mexico $15



1. Lisa Bradshaw
Phone: +447455896845

2. Pimmy Williams
Phone: +447 861 587 880


1. Hung Pham – Ontario:
Phone (52) 905-358-2525
(52) 993-3530-058

2. April’s Aquarium – Vancouver
Phone : 604 838 2616

Germany and European Countries

(Poland, Romania, Sweden, Ireland, UK, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, Slovenia, Slovakia, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Greece, Finland, Holland, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Malta)

1. Jan Saßmann :

2. JS Betta :


Exotica / Direnzo Valentina
E-mail :
Phone: +39 327 70 27 190
Website :


Flower Fish / Dariusz Tomasiak
E-mail :
Phone. : +48 609 799 359


Zuri Betta / Sabrina Ij Dichne
E-mail :
Phone : +417 922 277 16


Green Desert Aquarium
Phone : +971 564 66 33 40


Hiroki Ishizu – Osaka
Phone 06 6772 8400


Alberto Morales
Facebook Alberto Morales,
Phone 044 55 31 33 98 57


We highly recommend Van Ramirez

Van Ramirez

Address: #10 cabatuan st. Barrio san jose, q.c.

Gerald Prodon:
Phone 639-228-390-152


Osvaldo Lorando Assis
Facebook: Osvaldo Lorando Assis


We recommend:

1. Edy Tamtama: New Jersey
Phone (121) 571-55326

Here are his fees:

Import fee $3/fish + heat pack $3 (if needed) + Shipping

Shipping options
USPS Priority 2-4 days $25
Fedex Overnight $35 – $70 (depend on area)
For accurate quote please contact us.

Pickup also available (pickup fee $5/fish)


2. Linda Olson (Denver-Colorado)
E-mail :
Phone: 720-999-1261

3. Joel Fernandez – Dallas, TX:
Phone (972) 551-9313

4. Ivan Ramirez (Miami-Florida)
Phone: 786-209-9355
Facebook : loan Andres (fish transhipper services)

5. Koo Yang (Minnesota)
Phone: 651-442-4570
Facebook :

6. Julie Tran (Los Angeles-California)
Phone : 916-424-5290

7. Tucky Hama: Los Angeles, CA.
Phone (818) 4543894

8. Michael B. Sanchez (USA. & Puerto Rico & Costa Rica)
Facebook : Michael B. Sanchez


Ravi Shanker
Vl Aquarium and Pets
Tel: +91 99400 43323
+91 99400 43050


Farmhouse Aquatics LLP
50 Jalan Limbok S548730 Malvin Tan
Phone: +65 8869 6777
+65 9339 6262


Natashaya Aquarium
Mr.Fajar Yulianto
Tel: +62 82123252325

JBG Transhipping Service
+62 812-9797-1227


Mr.Jimmy yeh


Pyae Phyo Oo
Phone : +959425023962


77, Nowon-ro 1-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Republic of korea
Tel. : 010-9005-4064

Vietnam & Cambodia

Tran Thanh Tuan
201/5 Nguyen Thai Son , Go Vap , HCM . Vietnam
Tel: +84978339052 , +84938197465


Patrick Yeoh
Perlis city , Malaysia
Tel: +60125236777

*Please note we don’t currently send this to Australia due to intensive and highly inhibitive regulations

Jodi-Lea Matheson – Queensland
Phone 429-709-410 (Buyer must contact transhipper before buying)


Unfortunately because of Covid19 and freight delays, we are no longer able to send orders outside of Asia. For now we are only sending fish to the following countries: Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Singapore & Malaysia.

We will automatically refund any orders outside of the Asian region such as Europe & the US for example, however please note there will be some delays with your refund so please do not order if you are not in one of the countries stated above.